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Steel Valley Angler

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Steel Valley Angler is an online fly fishing store that specializes in Lake Erie Steelheads. At Steel Valley Angler fly store they strive to bridge the gap for begginners to the sport and advance alike by offering the products, tackle and knowledge necessary for success on the water. The online store carries a wide selection fly tying materials, tools, accessories and flies. Steel Valley Angler is looking to expand in the future and have a store in Lake Erie area.

We sell:

Hareline Dubbin, Metz, Whiting Fly Tying Feathers, Enrico Puglisi Flies, Spirit River, Wapsi Fly Tying Materials, Pearsall, Lagartun, Uni Products, Danville Chenille, Rio Products, Scientific Anglers, Daiichi, Dr. Slick, Griffin Fly Tying Vises

We specialize in:

Flies, Fly tying tools and materials, Adhesives, Dubbing, Floss, Rib, Wire, Thread, Hackles, Feathers, Hairs, Furs, Yarns, Chenille, Fly Hooks, Miscellaneous, Synthetics, Tinsel, Flash, Fly Tying Vises, Fly Fishing Accessories, Eyes, Beads

Steel Valley Angler's Stores

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Lisbon 59701 Ohio (330) 303-0011