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Housatonic River Outfitters is New England's fishing and outdoor resource. The Housatonic River Outfitters is a labor of love, we opened the store because it was a chance get paid to play with all the greatest fishing equipment in the world, so do we fish to live or live to fish? I guess the answer is yes. We've fished throughout the states; in Russia, Belize, Andros, the Quintana Roo, you name it, we've lost a fly there. if you want to know more feel free to call or write, and if you are around, stop in, we'll be happy to spend some time with you, share good spots and swap stories, some will even be true. Come and see our great selection of flies including Nymph Flies, Bass Flies and Saltwater Flies. At Housatonic River Outfitters, we have great, handpicked guides. Whether you choose to fish the Housatonic River, Farmington River, Upper Naugatuck, Green River or many of the smaller tributaries and lakes, you will find these guides to be an invaluable resource for learning more about fishing these premier waters. These guides have more than half a century of fishing and guiding experience between them.

We sell:

Sage, Ross Reels, Hardy, R.L. Winston, Dr. Slick, C & F Design, Waterworks-Lamson, Abel Reels

We specialize in:

Fly Rods, Fly Reels, Fly Lines, Fly Boxes, Flies, Fly tying tools and materials

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24 Kent Road Cornwall Bridge 67540 Connecticut (860) 672-1010