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Since 1946, W.W. Doak & Sons (Miramichi Atlantic Salmon) Fly Fishing Tackle Shop has been providing quality fly fishing tackle in Doaktown, New Brunswick. Nestled in the heart of the Miramichi River valley, W.W. Doak & Sons Fly Fishing Tackle Shop's staff are all avid salmon anglers and spend a vast majority of their time on the water. For more than 30 years, Jerry Doak, owner, and his family have kept and upheld W.W. Doak & Sons' tradition of tying flies. Jerry Doak is a master fly tyer and has introduce his family and employee Bruce Waugh to the art of fly tying. At W.W. Doak & Sons you will find the best fly patterns to go after Atlantic Salmon and all of their Salmon Flies (Hairwings, Bombers, Buck Bugs, Butterflies, Dry Flies, Low Water) are produced "in house". While visiting the Miramichi River, a visit to Doak's store is worthwhile.

We sell:

St. Croix, Redington, Sage, Waterworks-Lamson, Islander Reels, Teton Fly Reels, Ross Reels, Abel Reels, Hardy, Scientific Anglers, Royal Wulff, Cortland, Airflo, Maxima, W.W. Doak & Sons, Rio Products, Simms, Sunrise Fly Tying Tools, Regal Vises, Griffin Fly Tying Tools, Anvil Vises, Partridge, Uni Products, Lagartun, Danville Chenille, Metz, Dr. Slick,

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Fly Rods, Fly Reels, Fly Lines, Leaders and Tippets, Flies, Waders, Wading Boots, Fly tying tools and materials, Fly Boxes, Vests & Packs, Nets, Sunglasses, Fly Fishing Books/DVDs, Dubbing, Floss, Rib, Wire, Thread, Hackles, Feathers, Hairs, Furs, Chenille, Fly Hooks, Tinsel, Fly Tying Vises, Fly Fishing Accessories, Hats, Fly Reel Seat, Fly Rod Tops, Atlantic Salmon Flies

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331 Main St Doaktown E9C 1E1 New Brunswick (506) 365-7828