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Golden Witch Rods is a very small company dedicated to the art of tacklecraft. We, Russ & Erica Gooding, are the sole staffers, which will ensure that each of our valued clients receives personal attention from the owners of this little, niche company. Since we no longer have staff, we have essentially transitioned Golden Witch into an e-commerce/mail order company only. Golden Witch Technologies, Inc. was conceived while I was undergoing my bamboo rodmaking apprenticeship with Daryll Whitehead in Seattle. The difficulty of finding top notch tools and components was readily apparent, so Erica and I decided to found a company oriented toward the needs of custom rodmakers and the anglers who appreciate custom tackle. What started before meeting Daryll as a custom graphite rod company, Golden Witch Rods, has merged with our passion for bamboo rodmaking. Once a sole proprietorship, Golden Witch incorporated in 1998 and has been growing strong ever since. The demand for custom rods, especially custom bamboo rods which appreciate in value as the years pass, has allowed me to continue making rods even as Golden Witch serves the needs of other rodmakers around the world.