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My name is Malic Poole, owner of Flies by Night, and I have been tying flies for almost 4 years and here is my story. One day, on Lake Ray Hubbard, my dad and I were fishing with John Varner and Mike Oser. While heading to a different spot, Mike pulled out his fly box to show me some of the flies he had tied. I was so amazed that he had made those it inspired me to ask him if this was something I could learn. He told me it was pretty easy to learn and that he could even show me some tricks and some easy flies I could practice making. So, we got to talking and Mike offered to lend me some old fly tying gear to help me get started. The first thing I did was run upstairs and got on the computer to watch videos on how to tie flies. I tied Clousers, Wooly Boogers and some weird things I just made up. I saw that my flies had been improving and next thing I knew we were tying them above our slabs and catching two fish at a time. I know it is not the first time for someone to do that but it was a great feeling to have been catching fish on my own lures. Not to long after we had used them above slabs, my dad came up with the idea for me to sell them. It sounded good to me so I went for it. The next day my grandpa told my dad a good name, Flies-By-Night. I did not understand it at first but then it was explained to me that the only time I have time to really tie them was at night do to school. So I knew I had to get the name out there so I posted it on the Texas Fishing Forum and next thing I know I get my first order and now it has led into something I never would have imagined. I love doing what I do and do not plan on stopping anytime soon. Flies-By-Night is what it is because of all the supporters who I want to thank for sticking with me for the 4 years and helping me get my name out there.

We sell:

Original Fly, Em-P Fly

We specialize in:

White With Pink Head Fly, Chartreuse and White Fly, Chartreuse With Red Head/Flash Fly, Pink Glow in the Dark Fly, White Glow in the Dark Fly, Chartreuse Glow in the Dark Fly, White with Red Head/Fash Fly

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